Top 5 Lure Geek Lures

Just a quick list of the top five UK bass lures that the lure geek team have in their lure box:

1: Patchinko 100 500G
The surface lure is amazing, so easy to use and perfect for calm shallow water.

2: IMA Komomo Slim
Most UK anglers are using the standard Komomo, but the slim versions are better.  Must be because the slim profile is more like a sandeel.

3: IMA Salt Skimmer
Another legendary surface lure.  Becoming very hard to find as production has stopped.

4. Fiiish Crazy Sandeel
Just the best sandeel imitation and works from the shore or boat.

5: OSP Dolive Stick 6 Inch
The best weedless soft plastic bass lure.  Can be fished fast or super slow.

The lure geek team feels the about five lures will cover all fishing situations and are must have lures.